Aaron McVay

Where it all started

I’ve been fascinated by steel for as long as I can remember. Fusing metals together, reshaping them, and turning them into genuinely useful tools has always been my calling in life. When you hold one of my knives in your hand, I believe you will feel a lifetime’s worth of handiwork and dedication.


My Story

As a veteran of the United States Army with tours during OIF and OEF under my belt, I learned the importance of serving with integrity and never taking shortcuts.

Those principles have guided me through every endeavor I’ve taken on. Whether I am raising my three children, working as a Union Steamfitter/Welder, or of course, designing one-of-a-kind knives, I always strive to make my family and country proud.

Every knife I create is made from scratch in my home studio in Santa Rosa, California. I work slowly and carefully, using an even heat kiln to ensure that every item I produce has an accurate heat treatment. These knives are ideal for everything from hunting and skinning game to chopping vegetables in the kitchen. From the field to the dinner table - when only a top quality knife will do, I’ve got you covered.